Giant trees (5pcs) 240 mm for Tabletop Gaming. Tree model.

Old forest for the game table.


Trees 240 mm Set of 5 pieces for the game landscape.
Old forest for the game table. Each tree is created by hand using my technology. I use cardboard tube, sawdust, glue and other materials.
Every playing mat needs a forest. These trees will brighten up your area. The trees look very realistic. There are 5 trees in the set, each tree is different in texture, width and length. Length approximately about 9 inches \ 23-24 cm.
The manufacturing process looks something like this:
I use a cardboard tube to make the trees. Then I make a composition from sawdust, PVA glue, water, finishing putty. I grease the cardboard tube with PVA glue and apply my solution. After that, I make an imitation of the bark with a wooden stick or other plasticine tools. When the tree is completely dry, I cover it again with PVA glue. Then I paint with black paint, on top with brown paint, with a dry brush with beige paint. I make a wash (black acrylic paint, water, dishwashing detergent or liquid soap with glycerin). Then again with a dry brush with beige paint.
Suitable for D&D and other desirable tabletop role play games.
This set will perfectly complement your gaming table.
If you need kit variations or additions, please email me.


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